Green UCL


16 September 2017 | 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm

UCL Hydrogen Festival 2017

Main Quad
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The UCL Hydrogen and Sustainability Festival promises to be fun for all ages, and will be held in the UCL Main Quad and North Cloisters. This will involve a lively day full of stalls and hands-on introductions to hydrogen. Here, you can expect to find everything from a hydrogen-powered car to get into, to “green popcorn” to gorge on.

A variety of demonstrations, workshops and games will accompany live music and food. Stalls will range from academic research that adults and children alike can engage with, to fun applications of hydrogen energy that the whole family can ogle at. You will leave the event knowing a lot more about hydrogen power, how the hydrogen economy will operate, and with higher hopes about our shared future and energy problems. Don’t forget to wait for the day’s finale – an open-air cinema screening… completely powered by hydrogen, of course!

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