Green UCL


Policy and Strategy

Environmental Sustainability is the responsibility of all members of the UCL community, including students, staff and persons working on our behalf.

Sustainable Campus

UCL 2034, UCL’s Institutional Strategy, sets out a clear vision for UCL, with sustainability embedded throughout.

UCL has a Sustainability Policy that sets out its high-level sustainability objectives. This Policy has been signed off by UCL President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur and is reviewed annually. The full text of the policy can be found here. This policy is supported by a Sustainability Strategy, that sets out how UCL will achieve these objectives in more detail. Specific areas of operation, such as carbonbiodiversityfood and travel also have dedicated policies and plans.

UCL's Sustainability Strategy is implemented through the development, delivery and continuous improvement of the EcoCampus Environmental Sustainability Management System (ESMS) which will lead to UCL's ESMS certification under ISO14001. 

Departments are responsible for ensuring they have adequate arrangements for environmental management in their own area. More information about staff environmental responsibilities and departmental environmental responsibilities is available. If you'd like to find out more, please contact the Sustainability Team.   

UCL’s progress against its objectives can be found in UCL's latest Sustainability Annual Report. 

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