UCL Grand Challenges


Carbon Governance sub-projects

In order to explore the different problems entailed in thinking about 'carbon governance' the project established three sub-groups, each tasked to look at a different aspect of the problem. These are: Human Behaviour; Multi-level Governance; and Policy Instruments.

Human Behavior 

wind and solar

The Human Behaviour sub-group includes Professor John Agar, Dr Helen Joffe, Dr Simon Lock and Dr Peter Washer.  

The sub-group is looking at public attitudes and responses to low carbon initiatives with wind power as a case study and exploring the conceptualisation of attitudes to low carbon world and its consequences

Multi-level Governance 

Metlink Bus

The Multi-level Governance sub-group includes Dr Colin Provost, Professor Catherine Redgwell, and Dr Javier Decendra de Larragon.  

The sub-group is undertaking a comparative study of public transport and associated land-use issues in S. California, SE England, and Wellington New Zealand; and is also looking at wind power in the context of different levels of governance in the UK and the US.  

Policy Instruments 

Wind Power

The Policy Instruments sub-group includes Professor Paul Ekins, Professor Slavo Radosevic, Dr Le-Yin Zhang, and  Will McDowall.  

The sub-group is undertaking a study of innovation theory, exploring the innovation systems and policy instruments involved in the deployment of wind power in the UK, continental Europe, and China.