UCL Grand Challenges


UCL Carbon Governance Project

The UCL Carbon Governance project is an initiative under the Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities.

The aim of the  project is to provide new insight into the approach necessary to address human-induced climate change, by exploring the topic of carbon governance.  Specifically, the project will explore the governance actions necessary to limit future human carbon emissions whilst recognising that the use of carbon must meet the Millennium Development Goals, maintain global social and economic stability and achieve a transition to a low-carbon economy and a sustainable energy supply for the long-term future. 

The project brings together academics from Earth Sciences, Geography, Laws, Energy Institute, SEESS, Development Planning Unit, School of Public Policy; Science and Technology Studies, Geography, and Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology.

It encompasses three sub-projects, focusing on: Human Behaviour; Multi-level Governance; and Policy Instruments.  

In addition to the three sub-group reports, an overall project report will be produced in spring 2011, for publication in a major journal.  A number of associated outputs will also be produced.