UCL Grand Challenges


Re-thinking Housing

This initiative builds upon a partnership between Neil May (Bartlett Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering) and Professor Nick Gallent (Bartlett School of Planning).

Re-thinking Housing draws on contributions from across the University with comment from individuals working in departments as diverse as Development Planning, Philosophy, Economics, Archaeology and Science Technology Engineering and Public Policy. 

The starting point of the work was a challenge to the orthodoxy that supply-side measures, in short simply building more houses, can solve the current housing crisis. The analysis revealed that in focusing on supply the demand side of the equation often gets lost. So far this initiative has produced a joint paper, currently in submission, that examines the emphasis on supply-side measures to England's housing crisis against the background of increasing demand-side pressures due the financialisation of housing, credit liberalisation and money creation all of which has placed upward pressure on house prices.

UCL Housing Crisis Blogs

The housing crisis facing London and the rest of the UK is one of the most pressing issues in British politics today. The Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities, in collaboration with UCL Public Policy, has commissioned a number of prominent UCL academics to present the latest thinking on the issue.