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Exploring Inequalities

'Exploring Inequalities - igniting research to better inform UK policy’ brings together the world-leading expertise of UCL and the Resolution Foundation.

Exploring Inequalities combines research and evidence on inequalities in the UK, with the aim of facilitating informed and joined-up policy making. The project provides a multi-disciplinary exploration of the nature of – and intersections between – different types of structural inequality.

By bringing together a broad range of experts from academia, research, third sector organisations, business, policy, government and elsewhere, the project aims to cut across standard research and policy boundaries to synthesise and deepen our understanding of inequalities in the UK.

Critically, the work seeks out gaps in our collective knowledge in order to facilitate informed, evidence-based research agendas and policymaking at all levels of government. The study is addressing multiple and inter-related inequalities across four thematic areas: education; employment; health; and housing.

Structurally Unsound (report pdf)

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About the Project

The project seeks to challenge researchers, business, practitioners and policymakers to think disruptively to generate new solutions to to tackle inequalities in UK society, by bringing together academic expertise at UCL with authoritative analytical research from the Resolution Foundation and leading experts from a range of fields. The project is addressing questions including:

  • What are the current policy challenges in tackling embedded structural and relational inequalities in the UK, and why do they exist?
  • How are inequalities experienced in relation to one another, how are these cumulative, and how do they overlap?
  • How are such inequalities sustained? 
  • How can we better connect quantitative and qualitative data on different forms of inequality in the UK to produce robust evidence for policy?
  • How can data be accessed and used in innovative ways to better link inequality research across disciplines?




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About the Partners

UCL Grand Challenges is UCL’s flagship programme to cultivate cross-disciplinary collaborations that explore pathways to solutions across six major strands related to matters of pressing societal concern. The Grand Challenge of Justice & Equality fosters cross disciplinary research from UCL, examining the barriers that people face to just solutions and equality of opportunity.

The Resolution Foundation is an award-winning independent think-tank focused on improving the living standards for those on low to middle incomes, working across a wide range of economic policy areas. They are a leading UK authority on securing widely-shared economic growth.

UCL Public Policy connects researchers with policy professionals, to inform policy with evidence.

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For more information about this project contact Siobhan Morris at siobhan.morris@ucl.ac.uk