UCL Grand Challenges


Who we are

The academic direction of the UCL Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing is led by the Working Group, supported by the Coordinator, Nina Quach (n.quach@ucl.ac.uk). Since the establishment of this Grand Challenge many researchers, external partners, alumni and supporters have contributed to its development.

Working Group

The Co-Chairs of the Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing Working Group are Professor Helene Joffe and Dr Luiza Campos.

Dr Luiza Campos is Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental &Geomatic Engineering. Luiza's research is centered in three main areas: design and evaluation of innovative water & wastewater/sanitation treatment technologies; adaption of sanitation/wastewater infrastructure to climate change; development of tools for sanitation systems risk assessment and decision making on wastewater/sanitation technology use/application.

Professor Helene Joffe is Professor of Psychology with research interests in how people conceptualise science, various risks and the liveability of cities. Helene utilises social representations theory in many of her studies and is a mixed methods researcher - using both qualitative and quantitative methods, sometimes in a complementary way, depending on the research question.

Members of the Working Group are drawn from academic units ranging from Population Health Sciences to the study of the built environment. Download the UCL Grand Challenges' Working Group Terms of Reference.

Dr Mukdarut BangpanIoE Social Sciences
Dr Henriette BruunResearch Coordination and Planning, OVPR
Evie CalderCommunications, OVPR
Dr Nathan DaviesInstitute of Epidemiology and Health Care
Dr Karen GrootPopulations and Lifelong Learning Domain
Niccola Hutchinson-PascalCentre for Co-production in Health Research
Dr Maria KettInstitute of Epidemiology & Health
Professor Caren LevyDevelopment Planning Unit
Dr Fabiana LorencattoDivision of Psychology and Language Sciences
Professor Susan MichieCentre for Behaviour Change
Dr James PaskinsUCL Grand Challenges, OVPR
Dr Tejendra PheraliInstitute of Education
Karen SmithOccupational Health and Wellbeing
Dr Jacob Stougaard-NielsenScandinavian Studies
Dr Ian ScottUCL Grand Challenges, OVPR
Prof Nick Tyler CBECivil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering
Jo VolleySlade School of Fine Art
Katherine WelchUCL Public Policy, OVPR
Dr Helge WurdemannDepartment of Mechanical Engineering