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Exploring Inequalities podcast series

Episode 1 - Exploring Inequalities in UK Society

Oliver Patel speaks to Fahmida Rahman, Researcher at the Resolution Foundation, Dr Olivia Stevenson, Head of UCL Public Policy, and Siobhan Morris, UCL Grand Challenge Justice & Equality about their new report Structurally Unsound examining inequalities in the UK. They discuss why inequality matters, highlighting striking statistics, debating policy responses, and pointing to key findings from the report.

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Episode 2 - Exploring the Language of Inequalities

Oliver Patel speaks to Dr Olivia Stevenson, Head of UCL Public Policy, and Siobhan Morris, UCL Grand Challenge Justice & Equality about the language of inequalities – how language is important in driving change, both through shifting societal attitudes and stimulating political action; how language reflects and preserves the values and prejudices of society; and how language itself can be a powerful means of perpetuating inequalities.

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Episode 3 - Exploring Inequality of Opportunity

Oliver Patel speaks to Dr Zubaida Haque, Deputy Director Runnymede Trust, and Ruksana Khanum, disability rights advocate, about inequality of opportunity in the UK. They discuss how structural inequalities restrict access to opportunities, generate disadvantages that emerge before birth and then accumulate and compound throughout an individual’s life, and why it’s time to level the playing field in UK society.

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Episode 4 - Exploring Inequalities in Evidence 

Oliver Patel speaks to Josh Bradlow, Policy Manager Stonewall, and Professor Alissa Goodman, Director of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL, on the topic of understanding evidence – discussing the need to use qualitative and quantitative evidence to fully develop an understanding of structural inequalities in UK society and outlining inequalities within evidence collection itself.

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Episode 5 - Exploring Inequality of Voice in UK Society

Oliver Patel speaks to Professor Martin Mills, Director of Centre for Research on Teachers and Teaching at UCL, and Fahmida Rahman, Researcher at the Resolution Foundation, on the topic of voice – the need to give those facing disadvantage a meaningful say in how UK society is run, elevating voices and ensuring representation goes beyond tokenistic action, and that research is conducted with disadvantaged groups rather than on them.

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Episode 6 - Exploring place-based inequalities in the UK

Oliver Patel speaks to Professor Nick Gallent, Professor of Housing and Planning at UCL, and Dr Clare Stainthorp, Research Assistant on UCL’s Exploring Inequalities project, on the topic of place – examining the stark geographical inequalities in the UK, how place relates to structural disadvantages and advocating for the need to invest in both hard and soft infrastructure to address such inequality.

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Episode 7 - Exploring ethnicity facts and figures

Oliver Patel speaks to Richard Laux, Head of Data and Analysis at the Race Disparity Unit and Chief Statistician at the Cabinet Office, discussing RDU’s Ethnicity Facts and Figures website, data transparency, intersectionality, informing policy, and measures to tackle racial inequality in the UK.

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