UCL Grand Challenges: Small Grants Application Form

£4,000 awards for cross-disciplinary activities.

Prior to completing this application form, please ensure that you have read the guidance notes, and that your proposed project complies with this competition's criteria.

The Deadline for Applications is midnight, Monday 15 June 2015

Grand Challenges Small Grants Form

Please fill in the details in the form below to apply for funding under the Grand Challenges Small Grants Scheme.

The application form should be completed in full, and describe how the project is relevant to a UCL Grand Challenge.

Please note that the scheme can not support studies in basic science, or research that is predominantly biomedical laboratory-based in nature.

Applicant details
Lead Applicant
The 'Lead Applicant' must be a UCL academic member of staff
(i.e. lecturer level or above).

Main Collaborator
The Main Collaborator can be either a UCL academic member of staff or a UCL non-academic (e.g. administrative) member of staff.


Proposed collaboration
N.B. A Grand Challenges Small Grant can only pay for activities in the 12 month period, 1 August 2015 to 31 July 2016. After 31 July 2016 access to awarded funds will expire.
Outline of the small grant activity (maximum 500 words)
Lead and main collaborator roles (maximum 250 words)
How will the activity promote cross-disciplinarity?
(maximum 250 words)
Describe the intended outputs and likely impacts
(maximum 250 words)
  - You can read about how we define impact here
  - You can see the current impact form here


Funding and activities
A maximum of £4,000 is available per project.
The Small Grant must be spent in full by 31 July 2016.
Finance contact (for Lead Applicant's department)
Additional funding
Please list your planned activities and how much they will cost.
Any other comments

I have read the Small Grants applications guidance notes
www.ucl.ac.uk/grand-challenges/small-grants/notes-opens in new tab/window.
I qualify for funding under the eligibility criteria.
I agree to credit the the relevant grand challenge, and use its logo where possible, in any outputs.
I agree to provide a final report and yearly progress reports. Progress reports will be due at the end of each July while the project is running.
I agree that my feedback reports may be disseminated and publicised by the Grand Challenges.
I understand that allocated funds will expire immediately after 31 July 2016. I understand that costs associated with my application will be met by this date, that the Grand Challenges office cannot meet costs incurred after this date, and that the use of awarded funds cannot be deferred to a later period.

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