The Role of Migration Process in Dengue Determinants and Dynamics of Transmission: A cross-disciplinary approach

GCGH Themes: Climate Change & Health, Vulnerable Populations, Social Determinants of Health/Health Equity, Infectious Diseases

Lead: Dr Andrew Hayward (UCL Infection & Population Health)

Main collaborator: Dr Maria Kett (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health)

Additional collaborators: Dr Adriana del Pilar Pacheco-Coral, PhD student (UCL Infection & Population Health); Dr Julio Davila-Silva (UCL Development Planning Unit); Professor Mark Marsh (MRC Cell Biology Unit and Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at UCL)

Project: Dengue is a major global health problem largely affecting urban areas. Latin America has the highest rate of disease. Tackling Dengue requires a multidisciplinary approach, for example: social sciences and epidemiologists to understand risk behaviours and spread; biologists to understand vector, viral and host factors affecting disease transmission and outcome; architectural design impacting on vector control and climate change science to understand vector expansion.

Aim: To maximise future UCL research impact in the area of Dengue through encouraging multidisciplinary collaborations across UCL and between UCL and Colombia (2nd highest number of cases in Latin America).


  • UCL-wide workshop for scientists of any discipline to present their work on Dengue fostering cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration
  • develop academic collaborations between Colombia and UCL initially focussed around the development and implementation of a pilot project investigating Dengue in displaced populations in Colombia. This pilot will be conducted by a UCL PhD student funded by the Colombian Agency for Science and Technology Development. Work will incorporate qualitative studies of knowledge and attitudes towards Dengue and its control and quantitative surveys of personal and household level risk factors including vector surveys and assessment of architectural factors favourable to the vector life cycle.

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