UCL Grand Challenges


Our international links

We are spreading the message and ideas of the Grand Challenges around the world through partnerships in France, Japan and Hong Kong

The Grand Challenges has established links with major research universities, governments, pioneers and thinkers overseas. We aim to bring the cross-disciplinary ethos of the Grand Challenges to bear on the world's problems, by collaborating with the widest possible range of partners. So far, we have set up links with the following institutions:

The French Embassy

UCL Grand Challenges has hosted the UCL-French Embassy Conférence-Débat series since 2010. The series has brought together eminent French academics with UCL's finest minds to discuss topics such as 'Engineering & Health', 'The State of Nature', 'Towards Decarbonised Economies' and ‘Space’.
Since 2012 the Embassy has funded an annual competition for Collaborative Science & Technology Workshops between research groups at UCL and their counterparts at universities and research institutions in France. These workshops have provided the starting-point for new research collaborations and grant proposals through national and EU research funding bodies.

The University of Hong Kong

The UCL-HKU Strategic Partnership Awards are a joint initiative with the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The awards encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration in support of research that addresses global challenges, particularly issues affecting Hong Kong and its region of Asia.

The Embassy of Japan and Japanese universities

UCL and Japanese universities are coming together in their shared strong determination to address the great existential challenge of the ageing society. Japan's experience as the world's most long-lived society, and its great need for solutions, exemplifies the urgency of the problem, not least in regard to Dementia care. Following the UCL Provost's visit to Osaka, Kyoto, Tohoku and Tokyo universities in the autumn of 2017, UCL agreed to organise a follow-up conference in London. Through Grand Challenges in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan, early in 2019, UCL will host a major UCL-Japan conference on 'The Super-Ageing Society' jointly with Kyoto University and other Japanese universities.