UCL Grand Challenges


UCL-Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities: Who we are

The project has involved 19 academics and students from a variety of disciplines.

They are listed below in alphabetical order:

Ana Bleahu

Is an ILV Fellowship Student. Her research interests are international migration, Romanian migration, Romanian migrants in Italy and Spain irregular migrants, migrants network and gypsies migration.

Michael Davies

Is Professor of Building Physics and the Environment at The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies. His research interests include: monitoring and modelling of building performance and he recently led the large EPSRC Urban Heat Island Project (LUCID) which involved modelling climate, the built stock, energy use, overheating and comfort and health impacts across London. Full profile

Julio D Dávila

Is Senior Lecturer at the Development Planning Unit in the Faculty of the Built Environment at UCL. His research interests include: the role of local government in progressive social and political transformation in developing countries; the governance dimensions of urban and peri-urban infrastructure, especially public transport, and water & sanitation; the intersection between planning and urban informality; the linkages between rapid urbanisation and health. Full profile

Sharon Friel

Is Honorary Reader in Epidemiology & Public Health at the Institute of Epidemiology & Health in the Faculty of Population Health Sciences. Her research interests include: Global health inequities, Social determinants, Food systems and health inequities, Urbanisation and health inequities, Climate change and health inequities. Full profile

Giovanni De Grandis

Is a Research Assistant at UCL.

Nora Groce

Is Director and Leonard Cheshire Chair. Her research interests include: global health and international development with particular emphasis on cross-cultural systems of health care and health as a human rights issue. Full profile

Pedro C Hallal

Is Royal Society Newton Fellow at the UCL Institute of Child Health. His research interests include: Effects of early life exposures on physical activity and body composition throughout the lifespan.

Ian Hamilton

is Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute in the Faculty of the Built Environment. His research interests include: energy use in the urban environment; investigation on the impact of energy efficiency interventions in the domestic stock; analysis of temporal and spatial energy use within the urban environment and its impact on the local climate; the impact of occupant behaviour on energy use (e.g. 'take back' factor); domestic stock energy use modelling; and, the integration of renewable energy into the urban form. Full profile

Philippa Howden-Chapman

Is Director of the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities and He Kainga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme. Her research interests include: reducing inequalities in health and urban systems, housing, energy, climate change and health. Full profile

Ka-Man Lai

Is Senior Lecturer in the department of Civil, Environ & Geomatic Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering Science. Her research interests include: the environmental pathway and engineering control of chemical and biological agents. Full profile

C J Lim

Is Professor of Architecture & Urbanism in the Bartlett School of Architecture, Faculty of the Built Environment. His research interests include: urban planning, architecture and landscape, focusing on cultural, social and sustainability issues. Full profile

Juliana Martins

Is a PhD student in the Bartlett School of Planning, Faculty of the Built Environment. Her research interests include: spatial conditions that support digital media production in London. Full profile

David Osrin

Is Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Child Health, Faculty of Population Health Sciences. His research interests include: child survival in developing countries; maternal and neonatal care and outcomes in poor communities, low birth weight, nutritional interventions to improve newborn survival, community mobilisation through participatory interventions, health service interventions to improve the quality and outcomes of maternal and neonatal care, field surveillance systems for pregnancy, neonatal and infant outcomes, and large-scale evaluation of public health interventions. Full profile

Ian Ridley

Is Senior Lecturer, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, and Faculty of the Built Environment. His research interests include: interaction of ventilation, moisture, energy use and health in the built environment and the application of building simulation tools. Full profile

Yvonne Rydin

Is Chair of Planning Environment and Public Policy in the Bartlett School of Planning and Director of the UCL Environment Institute. Her research interests include: governance for urban sustainability; policy issues that contribute to the sustainability agenda including urban planning, energy, construction and design, green space management. Full profile

Ian Scott

Is Principal Facilitator - UCL Grand Challenges at University College London. His main responsibilities are: to explore, develop and facilitate UCL's university-wide initiative in creating and delivering innovative cross-disciplinary activity within four societally-directed institutional 'Grand Challenges': Global Health, Sustainable Cities, Intercultural Interaction, and Human Wellbeing. Full profile

Myfanwy Taylor

Is an Msc student in the department of Geography at UCL.

Paul Wilkinson

Is Professor in Environmental Epidemiology in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His research interests include: the health impacts of climate change and environmental pollution. Full profile

James Wilson

Is Lecturer in Philosophy and Health at UCL. His research interests include: the regulation of intellectual property, public health ethics and research ethics. Full profile