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UCL-HKU Strategic Partnership Awards

Joint awards made in support of the Strategic Partnership with the University of Hong Kong.

Previous UCL–Hong Kong University Awards

The UCL-HKU Strategic Partnership Awards are a joint initiative with the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The awards encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration in support of research that addresses global challenges, particularly issues affecting Hong Kong and its region of Asia.

2018-19: Third Call

Childhood Infections and Pollution (CHIP): A UCL-HKU One Health technology-enabled citizen science approach to better manage and prevent infections in children in Jaipur’s urban slums

  • Dr Logan Manikam (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health)
  • Professor Joseph Syrial Malik (HKU School of Public Health)

HKU and UCL collaboration in medication safety and healthcare big data research

  • Dr Li Wei (UCL School of Pharmacy)
  • Professor Ian C K Wong (HKU Pharmacology & Medicine) 

HKU/UCL Water Security Strategic Partnership Accelerator

  • Professor Chris Blackman (UCL Chemistry)
  • Professor Xiao Guo Zheng (HKU Chemistry and HKU Mechanical Engineering)

2017-18: Second Call

The role of transport in transitioning to liveable and sustainable cities in Europe and China

  • Professor Peter Jones OBE (UCL Centre for Transport Studies) and
  • Professor Becky Loo (HKU Geography)


 Immune dynamics after repeated influenza vaccination

  • Professor Andrew Hayward (UCL Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research) and
  • Professor Benjamin Cowling (HKU School of Public Health)

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A Comparison between HK and UK of the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Environment in Construction: issues of culture, systems and procedures in changing environments

  • Professor Hedley Smyth (UCL Bartlett Construction & Project Management) and
  • Professor Stephen Rowlinson (HKU Realm Estate & Construction)

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2016-17: First Call

Writing in the City – on urban literary practices

  • Professor Li Wei (UCL Institute of Education Culture, Communication and Media) and
  • Professor Adam Jaworski (HKU English)


UCL and HKU leading innovations in non-pharmacological interventions for dementia

  • Dr Aimee Spector (UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) and
  • Dr Gloria Wong (HKU Social Work and Social Administration)

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