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Disruptive Voices

Experts from across UCL share their innovative solutions and ideas for addressing societal challenges, inspiring and encouraging us to think differently about local, national and global issues.

Grand Challenges has always supported colleagues at UCL to do things a little differently and disrupt the status quo. For over a decade, we have supported people from diverse disciplines to work together to tackle pressing global issues.

The idea of facilitating these problem-focused, cross-disciplinary partnerships flows from UCL’s tradition as a radical institution, and to expand our support for UCL’s radical thinkers, Grand Challenges is launching a new blog and podcast series which will be a showcase for novel ideas and critical thinking, called Disruptive Voices.

Disruptive Voices Podcast

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Disruptive Voices Blog (coming soon)

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Grand Challenges will also soon be launching a Disruptive Voices blog, taking a deep dive into new ways of thinking about research and global problem solving. 

If you're interested in writing for the Disruptive Voices blog, or would be interested in appearing on a podcast to talk about your research or ideas, please contact Evie Calder e.calder@ucl.ac.uk.