UCL Grand Challenges


Urban Mental Health, Inequalities, and the Exposome

This project focuses on cross-disciplinary capacity building through early career workshops.


1 March 2024


Grant: Grand Challenges Mental Health and Wellbeing Network Building
Year awarded: 2023-24
Amount awarded: £2,500.00


Professor Sahara Gibbon, Social and Historical Sciences
Professor James Kirkbride, Division of Psychiatry, Brain Sciences

This funding has allowed us to extend the activities of our UCL Collaborative Social Science project by including European participants in our early career workshop and producing a podcast for the UCL Disruptive Voices series. Our project examined how biosocial approaches to social inequalities and health determinants across the life course are used in urban mental health research, particularly concerning violence and social exclusion in London. Collaboratively led by academics from Anthropology, IAS, and Psychiatry, and in dialogue with Islington Council, the project aimed to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, align diverse data, and provide early career training through workshops and mentorship.

Outputs and Impact

The team has successfully run an initial workshop and is preparing for additional events.