UCL Grand Challenges


Enhancing Children and Young People’s Arts and Cultural Engagement (ENACT)

ENACT aims to increase arts and cultural engagement among young people.


1 March 2024


Grant: Grand Challenges Mental Health and Wellbeing Network Building
Year awarded: 2023-24
Amount awarded: £2,472.60


Dr Jessica Bone, Population Health Sciences  
Dr Hei Wan (Karen)Mak, Behavioural Science and Health, Population Health Sciences

Our research shows that the arts can effectively support mental health and wellbeing among young people, but access to these benefits remains inequitable, particularly for those from ethnic minorities and lower socioeconomic backgrounds. To address this, we will utilize the COM-B theoretical model to identify modifiable predictors of arts engagement and develop a survey to measure enablers and barriers in this context. By co-producing and piloting this survey with diverse young participants, we aim to capture varied experiences and ultimately inform policies that enhance arts engagement for all youth. 

Outputs and Impact

Key achievements include: 

Scheduling two coproduction workshops in June. 

Developing a novel questionnaire with arts organizations and young participants. 

Planning to pilot the questionnaire with 45 young people, with payments to participants managed via vouchers. 

Most funds will be utilized by the end of June, with remaining activities set for completion by the end of July.