UCL Grand Challenges


Exploring women's night walking safety in London from built environment perspective

Adopting a deep learning approach to provide a safer built environment for women walking at night,.

women walking alone at night

1 September 2021


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2021-22
Amount awarded: £4,865


  • Dr Yuerong Zhang, Bartlett 
  • Dr Chen Qu, Maths & Physical Sciences

In response to the Mayor of London's Charter for Women's Safety at Night, this project aims to better understand how the built environment features relate to crimes that occur in women night’s walking and perceptions of risks. The specific objectives are fourfold:

  1. To explore the relationship between built environment features and crimes happened during women’s night walking.
  2. To predict the crimes and identify the high-risk areas for women’s night walking in London.
  3. To compare the difference between women and men in safety perception of night walking.
  4. To provide guidance for planning a safer street for women walking at night.

The research collaboration will enhance interdisciplinary planning to provide a safer built environment for women walking at night, in particular by extracting built environment characteristics from big data to understand the relationship between crime and the built environment.

Outputs and Impact

  • Awaiting outputs and impacts.

Image credit: Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash