UCL Grand Challenges


Filming Malmö: Everyday Spaces of the Sustainable City

This cross-disciplinary collaboration asks “How can film mediate and shape the city’s everyday spaces?”

Filming Malmö:Everyday Spaces of the Sustainable City

17 April 2018


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2016-17
Amount awarded: £3,566


  • Claire Thompson, School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)
  • Yvonne Rydin, Bartlett School of Planning

Everyday space on film

This cross-disciplinary collaboration asks “How can film mediate and shape the city’s everyday spaces?”.

Grand Challenges funding allowed the development of this interdisciplinary project, following a collaboration between around 25 urban planners and media scholars at UCL and Malmö University, Sweden, supported by Riksbankens Jubilaeumsfond. 

An inspiring aspect of this collaboration has been participants’ willingness to examine discipline-specific concepts, assumptions and practices in order to craft genuinely interdisciplinary enquiries and conclusions about the sustainable city on screen.

Impacts and Outputs

Two early-career scholars were funded Jorge Martin Sainz de los Terreros undertook anthropological research in Malmö square, resulting in an experimental photo-essay. 
This is one of six collaborative illustrated articles in dossiers of the journals Scandinavica and Kosmorama, guest edited by Dr Pei-Sze Chow.
While the articles draw on British-Swedish expertise, their publication in Kosmorama (the journal of the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen) opens up a fresh angle on Malmö’s relationship with its sister city across the Øresund.
The DFI is a leading partner in the iMedia Cities project www.imediacities.eu 
The Kosmorama dossier is part of the DFI’s portfolio launching iMediaCities in 2018.