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Detect and Prevent

Designing Diagnostic Environments for the Early Detection and Prevention of TB Transmission in Custodial Space

UCL 2034 Grand Challenge of Global Health

1 August 2016


Grant: Grand Challenges UCL2034 Grants
Year awarded: 2016/17
Amount awarded: £5,300


  • Professor Timothy McHugh, Medical Sciences
  • Philip Astley, UCL Bartlett


Prof McHugh and Mr Astley research addressed the global, system-level problem in tuberculosis screening and control in prisons with a focus on experience in the UK and Tanzania.

The physical environment of prisons are ideal for the transmission of tuberculosis.

Characterised by weak control measures and a lack of screening or testing facilities they pose an increased risk for inmates of these institutions.

This project hosted a multi-agency joint participatory research design workshop on the topic at UCL in April 2016.

Outputs and Impacts

This report from bdi (the biosafety design initiative) draws together the findings of the joint UK and Tanzanian initiative on the design of diagnostic environments in custodial settings. The workshops facilitated dialogue and mutual learning of the emerging evidence bases for both TB transmission and the design of custodial environments.