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Mapping the Current Landscape of Food Co-operatives in London

Mapping the Current Landscape of Food Co-operatives in London is a collaboration between researchers in the School of European Languages, Culture and Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

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1 August 2014


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2014-15
Amount awarded: £4,000


  • Mary Hilson, School of European Languages, Culture and Society
  • Muki Haklay, Department of Civil, Environmental, Geomatic Engineering
  • Marina Chang, UCL Advances
  • Louise Francis, Mapping for Change
How can large complex cities such as London develop sustainable food systems?

The UNs designation of 2012 as International Year of Co-operatives stimulated interest in co-operatives as a way of responding to this major challenge of the 21st century. However, while they are often cited as a means of bridging the divide between consumers and producers, research on co-operatives has itself been divided across different disciplines.

Agricultural, consumer and worker co-operatives have generated quite distinct bodies of research.

Seeking novel ways to integrate these disparate traditions this pilot project will map the current landscape of food co-operatives in London as a significant starting point to understand the role and potential of food co-operatives in feeding the twenty-first century city.

Impacts and Outputs

  • A map of London's food cooperatives