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A powerful, global community

UCL has a vibrant, international community of alumni who support new graduates by sharing their experiences and insights. Events in different locations across the world provide professional development and local networking opportunities to former students.  

Recent graduates learn the secrets of entrepreneurial success at Hong Kong weekend brunch event

Launching a start-up can be an exciting yet daunting endeavour. One of the key pieces of advice often given is to talk to other entrepreneurs – learn from their successes and their mistakes. In December 2021, Hong Kong-based alumni brought together a group of recent UCL graduates to learn from successful entrepreneurs and UCL alumni, Victor Yip (MSc Business Analytics 2016) and Warren Luk (BSc Economics and Statistics 2010).   

Victor runs financial technology company Pecutus, which launched ReadyFX – a platform for people to exchange international currency directly with each other. Warren is CEO of Good Lab, a start-up offering innovation training and consultancy in the social and public sectors. 

The two entrepreneurs shared their inspiring career journeys as entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and divulged the secrets of their success to their fellow alumni in a relaxed Q&A session. A networking opportunity for all attendees was provided over brunch.  

Natalie Kwok (BASc Societies 2015) said: 

“The international alumni events are a great community for relationship building, your career or any idea exchange.” 

UCL HK Week-end Brunch Club - group photo

A professional network to help you thrive

Being part of UCL will help you build your career and thrive in your chosen field. There will always be support available to help you reach your next goal - from a fellow alum or, as a recent graduate, from UCL Careers and UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

Multi-million pound Afro haircare business built by UCL entrepreneurs 

Afrocenchix was co-founded by UCL alumna Rachael Twumasi-Corson (UCL Medical Anthropology 2015) to create natural and safe afro haircare products. Afrocenchix is now valued at over £12 million with annual sales of around £650,000 in 27 countries. UK stockists include Superdrug, and the company is now aiming to target the US and African markets.   

Rachael grew up using harsh chemicals to straighten and ‘tame’ her natural afro hair and wondered if there might be a natural alternative that celebrated afro hairstyles. With just £100 she bought some ingredients, started experimenting with natural formulations and established Afrocenchix in 2010, selling products through word of mouth.  

To grow the business further, Rachael entered the UCL Bright Ideas competition in 2015 (now Build your own business 3: Launch your business) and won. She then joined BaseKX, UCL’s entrepreneurship hub, managed by UCL Innovation & Enterprise, where she received free, tailored support and dedicated office space.  

"We’d built up this community and this tribe and that meant that in 2017 we were able to launch our first proper website and could hire our first employees,"

Afrocenchix has now been backed by Google in the latest $1.2 million seed round. Having sold over 70,000 products to date, Afrocenchix is developing three new products and looking to grow its team to 14 people.  

UCL has a thriving entrepreneurship community. Since 2010, the university has helped create over 200 UCL graduate startups who have created more than 4,000 jobs and collectively raised over £149 million.  

Grow your business with entrepreneurship support

Rachael Twumasi-Corson

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