Graduation Ceremonies


Buying guest tickets

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Graduation ceremonies are an important time in a student’s academic career which can be shared with friends and family. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a student’s hard work, success and achievements. To find out more about how to buy guest tickets, please read below. If you cannot find the information you need here, please refer to our FAQs page.


When can I buy guest tickets?

Guest tickets are sold in two waves. Students will be informed when the first wave of guest tickets is open through email. The deadline to purchase guest tickets within the first wave are as follows:

  • July Ceremonies - Thursday 23rd May 2019 12pm
  • August Ceremonies - Thursday 6th June 2019 12pm 
  • September Ceremonies - Thursday 18th July 12pm

Students can buy a maximum of 2 tickets in the first wave. If there are more guest tickets available they will then be sold on a first come first served basis in a second wave of sales. We anticipate that the second wave guest ticket sales will go on sale around 1 week after the deadline of the first round closes. Students will once again be notified through email when the second wave of guest tickets are available.  

Secound wave deadlines

  • July Ceremonies - Thursday 13th June 12pm
  • August Ceremonies - Thursday 11th July 12pm
  • September Ceremonies - Monday 12th August 12pm
How can I buy graduation tickets?

Students will receive an email invitation which will include a link where they can buy guest tickets. You must wait for this email before you can purchase guest tickets. Guest tickets are purchased directly through the link  in the email through the Royal Festival Hall website and are £45 each. Students can only purchase a maxium of 2 guest tickets. Only students can purchase these tickets and will need to follow the link directly to their ceremony and use their student ID to login (example: 12345678).

Can I buy more than 2 guest tickets?

Students are guaranteed 2 guest tickets in terms of space within the venue. These tickets are only guaranteed if purchased within the deadlines above. If your ceremony has not been filled then there will be an opportunity to buy more guest tickets. You will be notified if you are able to buy more guest tickets via email. Guest tickets will be sold on a first come first sold basis and so it is important you pay attention to the deadlines.