Graduation Ceremonies



Academic dress (robe) is mandatory at all UCL Graduation Ceremonies for Students and Academic Staff who are part of the academic procession.

Regulations and Awarding Bodies

The academic dress (robes) you wear depends on your qualification and the institution making the award. Although UCL received awarding powers in 2005 there are still some students who will receive a University of London award. You can check your awarding institution on your Portico.

Please see some of the regulation guides and notes below. We are currently updating both the Illustrated Guide to Academic Dress and the Regulations so please do not panic if there is information missing relating to your degree. For questions relating to missing information and general information about academic dress please email ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk.


Illustrated Guide to UCL Academic Dress - currently being updated

IOE Academic Dress regulations (for IOE awards pre merger with UCL)

University of London Academic Dress Regulations

Academic Staff

For academic dress (robe) hire outside of the UCL Graduation Ceremonies period please contact J. Wippell & Co Ltd directly.


Academic dress (robes) is mandatory at UCL Graduation Ceremonies and is made up of a robe, hood and hat.  The colour and style of these items is dependent on your qualification and awarding institution.

Students can hire their academic dress through this link. Please ensure that you have registered your attendance before hiring your robe.