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Non-Ceremony Photography Day

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If you were unable to attend your graduation ceremony UCL offers a non-ceremony photography day where you can take professional photographs in your academic gown. UCL's offical graduation photographers Tempest will be on campus with studios ready for those who missed their ceremony to borrow an academic gown for free and have professional photographers taken which you can treasure forever.

This year there will be two non-ceremony photography days on Tuesday 5 November and Wednesday 6 November from 9am to 5pm. If you have not been invited to the non-ceremony photography day but you missed your ceremony this year then please email ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk with your student ID number.


What are the timings for the day?

The photography sessions will be set up from 9am - 5pm and will be broken up into 10 minute slots. There will be 4 mini photography studios set up so 4 students can be photographed in one 10 minute slot.

Where will the sessions be held?

The studios will be set up in the Jeremey Bentham room on campus.

Do I need to hire a gown?

The graduation team will hire your gown for you free of charge. You will need to enter your degree and gown detials when you book your place.

How much does the non-ceremony photography day cost?

Gown hire is courtesy of UCL and so is free of charge. For more information on the photography packages available, please visit the Tempest website by clicking here.

How do I book my place?

Eligible students should receive an invitation letter. From there they will be able to book a slot through the eventbrite.

I have not regsitered for this event can I turn up on the day?

Unfortunately you cannot turn up on the day unless you have booked a place through the eventbrite page before the deadline. 

Am I eligible to attend the non-ceremony photography day?

You can only attend the session if you have a UCL degree awarded to you before the session and you were unable to attend your graduation ceremony this year. If you do not have a UCL degree conferred before the session and you have attended your ceremony this year then you are unfortunately not eligible for attendence.

I did not attend my ceremony however I did not receive an invitation for the non-ceremony photography day.

If you are eligible to attend the non-ceremony day but did not receive an invitation then please email the graduation ceremonies team at ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk

I can't attend the day but I have already booked my place.

If you find you are no longer able to attend on the day please cancel your place through the eventbrite page. This way another graduate can have the opportunity to attend this session.

When should I arrive on the day?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your slot to check-in and ensure you have time to out on your academic robe.

How does the studio session run?

In all studios, classic photography service will be provided. The photographer will take traditional portrait style shots of you on your own or with a group and will the produce proofs so that you can see what your final photographs will look like. Once you have choosen your preferred image/ images, you will be able to choose, order and pay for the appropriate photography package(s) either on the day or later online. Payments can be made on the day by cash, debit and credit card.

Can I take my gown off of campus?

Unfortunately you cannot not take your gown outside of the studio space.

How many slots can I book?

Please book only 1 timeslot per graduate. Any additional timeslots booked by the same graduate will be cancelled.

Can I bring people to be in my photography session?

You will be asked when you register to select whether you wish for your photographs to be taken on your own or in a group. Please give a rough estimate of how many people will be joining you on the day.

What should I wear on the day?

UCL will provide the correct academic robe for you to wear in the photographs. Please rememer that clothes can be seen under your academic robes, therefore you may wish to wear something smart to ensure you are happy with your photographs. You are also welcome to wear traditional or national dress. 

Can I preview the photography packages? 

You can preview packages on the H Tempest website: www.tempest-graduations.co.uk   When looking at the website, you will need to choose the option ‘Not Had Your Graduation Yet?’, then select 'University College London' from the options, input the date of '5 November 2019' and choose either 'morning' or 'afternoon' (please note the website is set up for graduation ceremonies and does not imply you are graduating on November 5). This will then allow you to access the webpage to preview photography packages. Even if you are attending a session on 6 November please still input 5 November to view the packages. You cannot pre-order the packages.

Can I order Studio B3 photography?

There is also an option to pre-book Studio B3. This is a bespoke service. Studio B3 will offer students and their guests a more personalised service with more studio time, customised lighting, props and a range of hand-crafted frames. You can either pre-book Studio B3 in advance or you can choose this option on the day of.  If you would like to pre-book Studio B3, you can do so by following the same steps above for previewing a photography package and there will be an option at the bottom of the webpage to pre-book the studio.  Please note if you choose to purchase any photographs, Studio B3 photography packages start at a higher price point.

I have a query about the photography packages who should I contact?

If you have any questions about photography styles or Studio B3, please contact H Tempest on +44 (0)1736 752 411 or email graduation-photographs@htempest.co.uk