Graduation Ceremonies


My Graduation Checklist (Students)


Follow the steps below... 

We have checklists for each part of your graduation journey. Find out what you need to do beforehand and what you can do on the day of your graduation ceremony and afterwards.

Before the day 

Graduations – Step 1
Update your details on Portico

Make sure that you have updated both your UCL email address and your personal email address on Portico so that you can receive updates. If your password has expired and you have not set up the MyAccount self-service you will need to contact the ISD Service Desk via email at itservices@ucl.ac.uk or via telephone on +44 (0) 20 7679 5000 to resolve any issues you are experiencing accessing your account.

Graduations – Step 2
Receive your invitation to register

You will receive an email saying it is time to register for your graduation ceremony. You are required to register your attendance. Click the link on the email and log into Portico. You will then receive your provisional date (ceremony dates/times are provisional until you have received your Ceremony Confirmation Email in May. The graduation team recommends that you do not book travel or accommodation before May). Note down your provisional date and time and continue with the registration process.

Graduations – Step 3
Register for your ceremony 

If you wish to attend your ceremony, please complete the registration process on Portico. If you cannot attend you will still receive your award, degree certificate and transcript. You can also let us know if you have any access requirements whilst registering so that we can allocate the appropriate seat for you in your ceremony.

Graduations – Step 4
Press confirm and wait for your registration confirmation email

Within 2 working days, you will receive a registration confirmation email which will say that you have registered for your ceremony. Please note that the date is still provisional until it is confirmed in May. The confirmation will come in the form of a Ceremony Confirmation Email. The graduation team recommends that you do not book travel or accommodation before you have received your Ceremony Confirmation Email.

Graduations – Step 5
Hire your gown

Academic dress is mandatory at graduation. More details on where to hire your gown will become available in due course.

Graduations – Step 6
Receive your Ceremony Confirmation Email and link to buy guest tickets

The date and time of your ceremony will be confirmed in your Ceremony Confirmation Email in May, after student registration has closed. If any changes have been made to your ceremony date and/or time, it will be clearly outlined in this email. This email will also contain the link through which you can purchase guest tickets for your ceremony.

Graduations – Step 7
Buy your guest tickets

Through your Ceremony Confirmation Email, follow the link to the Royal Festival Hall website to purchase your guest tickets. You must use the link in the email. To enable all students the opportunity to purchase guest tickets, we limit sales to two tickets per student in the first wave of guest ticket sales. Students will be contacted by email when a second wave of guest tickets is available for their ceremony. During the second wave, students can purchase as many tickets as they wish; these will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Graduations – Step 8
Look at photography packages

Photography packages will be available through our ceremony photographers. More information will become available in due course.

Graduations – Step 9
Find out how to get to the Royal Festival Hall

Have a look at the helpful transport section on the website to find out how to get to the Royal Festival Hall. We advise that you arrive at the venue 2 hours before the ceremony start time.


On the day

Graduations – Step 1
Bring your Student E-Ticket email with you

Make sure you look back at your emails to check that you have the correct ceremony date and time and that you have your seat and row number to hand. The seat and row number can be found in your Student E-Ticket email. 

Graduations – Step 2
Check you have everything you need

  • UCL Student ID or another form of photo ID e.g. passport, driving licence
  • E-mail confirming your academic dress (robe) hire order
  • Hair grips for securing mortar board and safety pins for securing your hood on your robe
  • Camera (no filming or flash photography is permitted during the ceremony)

Graduations – Step 3
Arrive in good time for your ceremony

We advise that you and your guest should arrive approximately 2 hours before your ceremony begins to allow you sufficient time to register, collect your gown and have professional photographs taken.

Graduations – Step 4
Register at the registration desk

Only graduands can register themselves - guests cannot do this on behalf of a graduating student. Remember you must have a form of ID with you or you will not be able to register and attend the ceremony. Even if you have sourced a gown from somewhere else you must register on the day.

Graduations – Step 5
Collect your gown from the gowning station

Make sure you bring along your email confirmation of hire and some safety pins and hair clips to help with the gowning process.

Graduations – Step 6
Have your picture taken

Leave enough time to take photographs in the studios that will be set up on the day from our photography providers. Studios will close 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Graduations – Step 7
Take your seat

You must be in the correct seat (shown on your Student E-Ticket) by the time the ceremony starts. We are unable to admit latecomers once the ceremony has begun. You will be seated separately from your guests. Unauthorised filming of the graduation ceremony is not permitted. Please do not use flash photography during the ceremony.

Graduations – Step 8
Walk across the stage

You will be led by one of our ushers in the correct presentation order to the stage. Once on stage your name will be announced and you will be directed to cross the stage, where the Provost/Vice-Provost will congratulate you with a handshake. You will then be guided back to your seat by our graduation helpers. 

Graduations – Step 9
End of ceremony

You will be asked to join the Academic Procession to process out of the auditorium.

Graduations – Step 10
Join the drinks reception

Enjoy drinks and canapés with your guests to celebrate your graduation day. Take this time to take lots of photos and enjoy the venue.

Graduations – Step 11
Return the gown and enjoy your day

Make sure that you return your gown promptly. Check out our suggestions for things to do around London so you can keep on enjoying your day.


After Graduation 

Graduations – Step 1
Participate in the UCL Alumni Community 

The alumni team will be at the graduation ceremony and will be able to tell you about all the opportunities available to you as an alumnus of UCL. To find out more please visit the Alumni homepage.

Graduations – Step 2
Receive your photographs

You will receive the photography packages by our graduation photographers after the ceremony.