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On The Day 

How will registration work?

Student registration will close on Wednesday 16 September, after which registered students will receive confirmation of their virtual ceremony date and time. Students will need to register their attendance through Portico before the deadline.

What will happen in my virtual graduation ceremony?

Each virtual ceremony will be as similar as possible to the ceremony experience you would have had during your in-person ceremony this summer. Your Faculty Dean will host the event and welcome the virtual stage party, after which a congratulatory video will be played from the Provost and Vice-Provosts. Student names and degree titles will then be announced (but not degree classifications).  

What is the timetable for the day?

On the day of your virtual graduation, we will ask you to join the session 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. The ceremonies will start at either 12pm (midday, BST) or 3pm (BST) and will last for approximately an hour and a half.

What if I am late to attend my virtual graduation ceremony?

If you are late to the start of your virtual graduation ceremony, you will not be allowed to enter. However, you will be able to watch the ceremony at your convenience after the ceremony is finished.

What if I cannot attend my virtual ceremony live?

If you register to attend your virtual ceremony and cannot attend live, the ceremony will be recorded and this recording will be shared with registered students after the ceremony date.

If I attend my virtual graduation ceremony, will I be invited to an in-person ceremony in 2021?  

If you attend a virtual graduation ceremony, you will still be invited to an in-person ceremony in 2021.  If you do not attend the virtual graduaton ceremony, you will still be invited to an in-person ceremony in 2021.



How do I know if I'm eligible?

You are eligible to attend the virtual graduation ceremonies if you were due to graduate in the summer of 2020.



How do I register to attend?

All students that ae eligible to attend will be sent an invitation email to their primary email address on Portico. Please make sure this email address is correct and you have access to the account. Graduands will be able to state whether they want to attend this virtual graduation ceremony and watch it live, or, alternatively, not attend it live and watch it at their leisure afterwards. If you have not received your invitation by 4 September, please email ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk and we will do our best to resolve your query.

What is the deadline to register?

The deadline to respond to your virtual graduation invitation email is 16 September 2020.

When will the date and time of my virtual graduation ceremony be confirmed?

The date and time of your virtual graduation ceremony will be confirmed by the end of September.

If I don't attend the virtual graduation ceremony, will it affect my award?

No, attendance of the virtual graduation ceremony is optional and will not affect your award.

What if I want to cancel my attendance?

If you’ve already registered to attend your virtual graduation ceremony but want to cancel, please get in touch via ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk and we will amend your attendance status. Please note you will still be able to watch the ceremony at your convenience after the ceremony has finished.


Name Changes 

How can I change my name that will be read out at my virtual graduation ceremony?

The name that will be read out for you is the official name we have for you on file in Portico and students must use their full given birth names. If your name is not correct, or to specify the pronunciation of your name, please contact ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk with your student number and a phonetic explanation and we will do our best to get this information to the speaker on the day. All name enquiries must be in by the end of September.



Is there an opportunity to get an official UCL graduation photo? 

No, unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer the opportunity to get an official graduation picture at this moment in time.

Am I allowed to take pictures of my virtual graduation ceremony?

Yes, however, as the virtual graduation ceremony is being recorded, we recommend watching and keeping this video as the memory for your virtual graduation. 



I still haven't received my degree certificate, what shall I do?

If you are a graduating student and have not received your certificate by post within 3 months of receiving your degree award email, please email transcripts@ucl.ac.uk to check the delivery status of your degree certificate. Please find more information on degree certificates on the UCL degree certificates website.


Terms and Conditions 

 To view the terms and conditions, please visit the virtual graduation terms & conditions page. 


Contact Us 

If your questions have not been answered in our FAQs or the other pages of the website, you can contact the Graduation Ceremonies team by emailing ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk. Please remember to quote your student number (for example: 12345678) when emailing. Be assured that we are doing our best to answer all of your emails as soon as possible.