Governance and compliance


Union Affairs Officer, Students' Union UCL (since 2022)

Photo of Deniz Akinci
Deniz Akinci

Deniz Akinci is the Union Affairs Officer at Students’ Union UCL and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. He believes student-led efforts are essential for the betterment of UCL, and the personal and professional development of students. He is devoted to empowering students to make a positive impact at UCL through a better policy consultation structure and the creation of a programme enabling students to affect change directly through social impact oriented initiatives.

Throughout his time at UCL, Deniz served the student body as the Founding President of UCL Legal Tech Society, the President of Turkish Society, and the Speaker Secretary of the departmental Law Society. He graduated from UCL with an LLB in 2022, and is an alumnus of Robert College.

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