Governance and compliance


Professor Ralf Schoepfer (since 2020)

Ralf Schoepfer joined UCL in 1994 on a Senior Wellcome Trust Fellowship. In 2007 he was appointed Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Neuroscience at UCL. More recently he transitioned to a part-time contract.

He studied in Germany and France and first qualified as a Medical Doctor. Subsequently he obtained a doctorate in Medicine, and a degree in Biochemistry (Dipl Biochem) with research projects carried out at the Max Planck Institute. 

Before joining UCL he performed research at the Salk Institute, La Jolla California and the ZMBH (Center for Molecular Biology) in Heidelberg. In 2007 he conducted a short-term sabbatical at the University of California, San Francisco.

At UCL he has been an active member of its Academic Board since 2005, and has been Chair of the Governance Committee of Academic Board since its inaugural meeting in 2017.

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