Governance and compliance


Student Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee: Terms of Reference

Information regarding the UCL Student Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee's formal powers and responsibilities.

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by the Academic Committee, the Student Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee is charged by Academic Committee:

1. To define, monitor and review UCL strategy, policy and procedure in respect of: (i) all aspects of the marketing, recruitment, and admission of undergraduate, postgraduate-taught and postgraduate-research students, (ii) UCL’s outreach activities and (iii) UCL’s scholarships and student funding provision.

2. To ensure that relevant UCL policies, structures and processes are student-centred and coordinated in order to ensure that a seamless service is provided at the institutional, faculty and departmental level.

3. To ensure effective communication in relation to UCL’s student marketing, outreach, recruitment, admissions and funding strategies, policy and operations at: (i) institutional, faculty and departmental levels, (ii) across the wider UCL community and (iii) with key stakeholders within UCL professional services.

4. To benchmark UCL’s performance in student marketing, recruitment, admissions and funding against key competitors and best-in-sector practice.

5. To consider the implications of institutional/faculty student number planning processes and projections for UCL’s outreach, marketing, recruitment, admissions and funding activities.

6. To advise on institutional risk management strategies relating to student recruitment, outreach, admissions and funding.

7. According to statutory powers delegated by Council, to prescribe the conditions governing the award of exhibitions, scholarships, bursaries, studentships, medals and prizes.

8. To keep under review: (i) the effectiveness of scholarships administration within UCL and (ii) the financial position and distribution of UCL's scholarships funds.

9. To oversee and monitor UCL's compliance with the following conditions of the Office for Students Regulatory Framework: 
i. A1-A2 - Access and Participation Plan
ii. C1 - Guidance on consumer protection law
iii. F1 - Transparency information
iv. G1 - Mandatory fee limit

The Committee also has oversight of the following OfS reportable events:
i. Matters related to higher education delivery (including loss of the provider’s student sponsor licence);
ii. Matters related to student and consumer protection (including fees exceeding a limit set out in the Access and Participation Plan);
iii. Matters related to management and governance (including compliance with the Prevent duty).
iv. Matters relating to provider’s financial viability (including changes in student numbers forecast submitted to the OfS).
Reportable events to be raised with the Student and Registry Services Compliance Team as appropriate.

10. To maintain a continuous overview of the work of the Access and Participation Steering Group, Admissions Requirement Panel and such other sub-groups, working groups etc as may be established by the Committee.

11. To report to the Academic Committee by: (i) the submission of an annual report on the work of the Committee in the preceding twelve months and (ii) the submission to the Academic Committee officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Committee.