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Remuneration and Human Resources Strategy Committee

Find out more about UCL's Remuneration and Human Resources Strategy Committee, including terms of reference, membership, meetings and minutes.

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Terms of Reference

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by Council, the Remuneration and Human Resources Strategy Committee is charged by Council:

  1. To monitor the implementation of UCL human resources strategy.
  2. To determine the salary of the Provost, to approve the salaries of the Vice-Provosts and Deans, and to approve the salary of any other member of non-clinical staff earning £180,000 or more, or any adjustment to salary for this group of staff above 3% of salary.
  3. To maintain oversight of the application of UCL's reward strategy to senior staff. To receive an annual report summarising discretionary payments for all staff earning £150,000 or over. This will include comparative information with the previous year and applicable benchmarking information for the period.
  4. To consider and note matters of strategic significance concerning remuneration and other employment matters. 
  5. To consider any severance payments in relation to senior staff.
  6. To monitor compliance with employment legislation and policy, and adherence to the Nolan Principles for standards in public life.
  7. Remuneration Committee members must consider the public interest and safeguarding of public funds alongside the interests of the institution when considering all forms of payment, reward and severance to the staff within its remit.
  8. To provide a regular confidential written report to Council.


  • The quorum of the Remunerations & Human Resources Strategy Committee shall be half of the total members of the Committee.
  • The number in ( ) indicates length of continuous service in years, up to and including the 2020-21 session. Length of service is not indicated for ex officio, student members, or observers.

Ex Officio

Vice-Chair of Council (Chair)
Baroness Jo Valentine

Chair of Council
Mr Victor Chu


Three External Members of Council, appointed by Council on the recommendation of Nominations Committee

  • Ms Lindsay Nicholson (4)
  • Mr Turlogh O'Brien (4)
  • Lord (John) Sharkey (4)


Mr Douglas Bertram

Meeting dates 2021-22

  • Thursday 7 October 2021, 09.30am
  • Thursday 10 February 2022, time TBC
  • Thursday 14 July 2022, 09.30am