Governance and compliance


Digital Strategy Committee: membership

Information regarding the membership of the UCL Digital Strategy Committee.

Ex Officio members

Vice President (Operations) (Chair)
Ms Fiona Ryland

Vice-President (Strategy)

Chief Information Officer
Mr Andy Smith

Chief Financial Officer or nominee
Ms Kate Pearce

Chair of Information Risk Governance Group
Professor Mark Emberton

Chair of Service Delivery Board
Professor Ivan Parkin

Chair of Cyber Security Board
[Professor Mark Emberton]

Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO)
[Professor Mark Emberton]

Domain Chairs

Education Domain
Professor Norbert Pachler

Digital Research
Professor Geraint Rees

Digital Staff & Running UCL
Ms Fiona Ryland, Professor Sasha Roseneil

Digital Student
Mr Derfel Owen, Professor Deborah Gill

[Professor Mark Emberton]

Cloud, Infrastructure & Connectivity
[Mr Andy Smith]

Faculty IT
Professor Christoph Lindner

Shared Data & Platforms
Mr Dean Stokes

Nominated members

One student member nominated by the Students’ Union:

  • Mr Ayman Benmati

One member of the Vice-President (External Engagement) office:

  • Ms Katja Lamping

One member of the Vice-President (Advancement) Office:

  • Ms Kat Hageman


  • Ms Hazel Crompton