Governance and compliance


Academic Committee: Terms of Reference

Information regarding the UCL Academic Committee's formal powers and responsibilities.

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by the Council, the Academic Committee is charged by Council: 

  1. To consider and advise the Council, on Council’s responsibilities with respect to the Office for Students (OfS) conditions of registration, including the following: the operation of UCL’s access and participation plan, and the quality, reliable standards and positive outcomes of UCL education for all students (covering both taught and research programmes); and to protect the interests of all students. 
  2. To maintain an overview of UCL's academic strategies, policies and procedures pertaining to the following: (i) research; (ii) teaching and learning; (iii) definition and maintenance of academic standards; (iv) examinations and assessment; (v) innovations in educational practice; (vi) programme development and review; (vii) student behaviour and discipline; (viii) student experience and students’ interests; (ix) academic staff development; (x) quality management and enhancement. 
  3. In discharging the foregoing responsibilities, to: (i) set up working groups etc to assist the Academic Committee; (ii) prescribe their terms of reference and constitution; (iii) maintain an overview of all matters falling within their purview.
  4.  To maintain an overview of the work of the following standing committees which report to Academic Committee, by receipt of an annual report on the work of the committee in the preceding 12 months and by such other arrangements as Academic Committee may define in particular cases: (i) Education Committee; (ii) Library Committee; (iii) Research Degrees Committee; (iv) Student Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee.
  5.  To receive an annual report from the Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation and Global Engagement) on the development and implementation of UCL's research strategy and from such other UCL officers as may be determined by the Committee. 
  6. To receive the Minutes of all meetings of standing committees and working groups etc reporting to Academic Committee. 
  7. To provide an annual assurance report to Academic Board and Council. 
  8. To report to Academic Board and Council by submission to the Academic Board officers and Council officers of the Minutes of each meeting of Academic Committee.