Global Engagement Strategy


Global Engagement Strategy


Impact and success

Multiplying impact – without increasing our footprint.

Developing the global partnerships required for the Global Engagement Strategy takes decades but starts now.

We are building on UCL’s exceptional creativity, innovation and attractiveness to potential partners. In the first five years we will pass the milestones set out in our objectives, showing that we are travelling with momentum in the right direction.

By 2020, all of our activities globally will be clearly aligned with one or more of our five strategic drivers.

As UCL’s It's All Academic Campaign gathers momentum, the Global Engagement Strategy will support, and be supported by, our fundraising and supporter engagement activities abroad.

We are committed to maximising our global reach and impact from research through Open Access outputs, technology advancement, prototyping, licensing and spinout opportunities, social enterprises, public engagement and policy development. 

We intend to accelerate our e-learning, distance and blended learning offering to students in the UK and overseas.

We will have clear global agendas on research, education and/or enterprise with strategic partners. We will be acting as more than the sum of our parts, with increased visibility and multiplied impact.

To celebrate this, in 2020 UCL will co-host with our strategic partners a global conference for others interested in new models of global engagement and the impact of globalisation on higher education.

We multiply our impact through people – our staff, students, alumni and partners – and through enterprise and technologically enhanced innovation.

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