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Exploring Collaboration Opportunities on Biosensors and Renewable Energy

Exploratory research on renewable energy between UCL and URTV. Part of the Cities partnership Programme.

15 September 2022

Our project will have two major components to it. Firstly, Prof Moscone and her colleagues from the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (URTV) will arrange a three-day visit to UCL in March 2019.

A one-day workshop on “Sensors for safety, healthcare, and environment” will be organized and open to everyone at UCL. Prof Moscone will give an invited talk on "paper-based biosensors" and the other colleagues from URTV will also briefly introduce their work. Colleagues from UCL who are working in related fields from various departments  will be invited to give a 15 min talk each followed by 45 min panel discussion. Lab tour to the institute from Materials Discovery,London Nanotechology Center, Chemistry Department, Materials Hub, and Pharmacy will be arranged on the second day. Discussion on possible collaboration and idea of the frame of possible funding application will be proceeded followed by the seminar. The third day will be for individual discussion with other colleagues who are interested in collaboration.

Secondly, followed by a visit of collaborators from Rome, Prof Choy, Mingqing, and another two or three colleagues who are interested in the collaboration after the workshop will visit URTV in June. Colleagues from UCL will give a presentation to introduce our research on biosensors and renewable energy. Prof Moscone and her colleagues will introduce their recent work in the related field. Lab tour will be organized. After learning about the research at corresponding areas at URTV and UCL, we will discuss the idea of how to explore ways to develop closer links of UCL- URTV research on biosensors and renewable energy.


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