UCL Global


Strategic drivers

The direction and scope of UCL's Global Engagement Strategy is determined by its distinctive combination of five strategic drivers.

  1. Cultivating our global outlook to offer our students the best possible preparation for global lives and careers
  2. As a world class research power-house, co-creating wise solutions to enduring and emerging global problems and Grand Challenges
  3. Increasing global independent research capability
  4. Marshalling our expertise in enterprise, innovation, interdisciplinary and translational research to deliver long term benefit for society
  5. Strengthening our position as London’s Global University by amplifying our achievements and engaging more effectively

Of these, the most innovative is the third driver. We want to apply our strengths “in a way that supports the global academy of commons rather than simply advancing the individual aspirations of institutions”  (University of the Witwatersrand Vice Chancellor Adam Habib, 2014).

Our distinctive strengths are as a multi-faculty, highly interdisciplinary institution, engaged with global challenges, able to deliver translational research, based in a great global city.