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Emergent Brazilians comment the impeachment of the president

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 18:01:28 +0000

One of the latest hot topics of research in Brazilian social sciences is the extreme polarisation of opinions in the country. Social media was at the centre of the street protests of June 2013. The impression then that the internet was unityfing Brazilians against corrupt politicians. However, only a few months later online communication apparently helped to intensify tensions between […]


Mr Juliano Spyer

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PhD Student
Dept of Anthropology
Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
University College London

Joined UCL:
September 2010

I study the effects of social networking sites on social mobility in Brazil. In the past decade, nearly 50 million Brazilians have crossed the poverty line and mingled with the country’s working strata to form what has been called the 'new middle class'. As they arrived at the Internet, social networking sites became a field of dispute about the meaning 'middle class' has in Brazil. I intend to examine social networking sites as symbolic homes for Brazilians, as these services make relationships visible and expose historically situated markers of social distinctions.

Global Social Media Impact Study (ERC Project 2011-AdG-295486 Social Network Sites and Social Media) 

Spyer, Juliano. Para entender a internet. Juliano Spyer, 2009. Digitally published. Download - http://ow.ly/1S35wW

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Spyer, Juliano, ed. "Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre twitter." São Paulo: Talk (2009). Digitally published - http://ow.ly/1S35BE

Spyer, Juliano. Conectado – O Que a Internet Fez Com Você E O Que Você Pode Fazer Com Ela. Jorge Zahar Editor Ltda, 2007. Download initial chapters - http://ow.ly/1S35NC

Spyer, Juliano. "‘Urban Indians." Brazil Reader. History, Culture, Politics (1999): 437-440.

Spyer, Juliano. "A Letter From Brazil." The Brazil Reader–History, Culture, Politics (1999): 277-279.

Award Year Qualification Institution
1994 BA History University of São Paulo
2011 MSc Digital Anthropology University of Madras

In 2011 I graduated from the MSc in digital anthropology offered by the UCL. My dissertation focused on informal learning and value creation among YouTube beauty gurus. I have a BA in History from Universidade de São Paulo and participated in two large research projects in oral history research projects coordinated by Professor Sebe Bom Meihy.

Between ending my undergraduate studies and recently coming back to academia, I spent 14 years of developing / managing social media and collaboration projects in the US and Latin American. In 2010 I was social media evangelist for Brazil’s presidential candidate Marina Silva. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

European Research CouncilEuropean UnionUCL Department of Anthropology

Grant number: ERC Project 2011-AdG-295486 SocNet
Project title: Social Network Sites and Social Science