About the directory

The Anthropology of social networking website is a directory dedicated to bringing together researchers, regardless of institution, with an interest in anthropological studies of social networking sites, and their impact on our knowledge and understanding of society, humankind, and social science theory.

Add your project

We are constantly aiming to expand our listing of anthropology of social network research projects. If you have a project that is suitable for the listings please email d.miller@ucl.ac.uk with the following details:

  • Title of your project
  • About 500 word outline of your project and findings (if available)
  • Your project status (ongoing/completed)
  • The country(ies) of your research
  • The location you wish your research to be shown as on the map (may be name of fieldsite, or nearby large city)
  • At least one high-res JPEG image we can use in connection with the fieldwork (which you must own the copyright to)
  • The URL of your faculty page or your email address (if you wish these to be published online)

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