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Janey Sewell

Janey's thesis title is "Chemsex and the city: an investigation in to recreational drug use among HIV negative men who have sex with men."

Her primary supervisor is Dr Alison Rodger.

To get in touch with Janey, please email her at j.sewell@ucl.ac.uk.

About Janey

I am a Research Nurse with a background in Sexual Health and HIV Nursing. Alongside my PhD I co-ordinate non-CTIMP studies from concept to results through ethics, set-up, data collection and analysis. Previous studies that I have worked on or coordinated include, a cross-sectional questionnaire study of HIV negative or undiagnosed genito-urinary medicine attendees in 2013/2014, 'Attitudes to and Understanding Risk of Acquisition of HIV study' (AURAH study), a prospective cohort study of HIV negative or undiagnosed men who have sex with men study from 2015-2018 (AURAH2 study), and a prospective cohort study of HIV transmission risk among sero-discordant couples in which the positive partner is on anti-retrovirals (the PARTNER study). Along with other HIV Specialist nurses, I teach on short HIV courses to nurses in Eastern European countries through the organisation NURSETRI, and I am a member of the National HIV Nurses Association.

Thesis summary

My PhD thesis will use data from the cross-sectional AURAH study (2013/2014), and the prospective cohort, AURAH2 study (2015-2018), to investigate recreational drug use and chemsex drug use among MSM in two cities, London and Brighton. It will provide an insight in to the changing prevalence of types of recreational drug use such as poly drug use, chemsex drug use and individual drugs, over time, as well as investigate associations of drug use with measures of sexual behaviour.