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AIDE MSc postgraduate testimonials

Read some of the views from our inaugural MSc in Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology cohort, who studied with us in 2019-20.


"The MSc in Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology helped me to develop a strong foundation for a career in infectious disease epidemiology research.

"Through this programme, I developed skills in data analysis, study design, transmission dynamics, and molecular epidemiology.  I was also able to gain transferrable skills, including presentation and multidisciplinary group work.

"I especially enjoyed the programme’s emphasis on connecting our coursework to real-life epidemics, including discussions on cholera in Yemen, HIV in Russia, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Following completion of my MSc, I secured a position as a research assistant in the Institute for Global Health at UCL, and plan to pursue a PhD.  I am confident that my experience with the AIDE programme provided me the field-specific and transferrable skills necessary for my current role and future endeavours."


“As a graduate of the MSc AIDE course, I could not recommend this course more. Nigel, Heather, and Maryam are simply amazing and provided such an amazing experience for the whole cohort.

"The course came with endless learning opportunities and kept us occupied with various modules, topics, and a range of assignments.  Studying this course has made me fall in love with studying again and made me realise how underappreciated Epidemiology is despite its importance."


“I really enjoyed my time in the AIDE programme.  What I particularly liked was how the coursework was set up. It was a nice mix of written work and practicals.  The practicals trained us on how to apply knowledge to real life scenarios, and I found it a very valuable lesson. 

"On top of epidemiological skills, AIDE also provided an opportunity to strengthen my transferable skills such as problem solving, time management, and teamwork in an academic environment.  These experiences are very important for personal development, and they are frequently asked about in interviews.”


“The AIDE programme uses a mixture of structured lecture and tutorial based teaching from world-class experts as well as practical exercises and group work.

"The course is well-designed and is relevant to students from a range of backgrounds.  Through these sessions I have been able to build on my experience as a clinician and gain skills in critical appraisal, study design, research methodology and data analysis in order to develop the expertise that I need in order to advance my academic career.

"I have subsequently gained a place on a competitive clinical PhD fellowship at UCL which will allow me to continue my path towards becoming a clinical infectious disease epidemiologist.”


“The Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology MSc. at UCL provides a comprehensive understanding of immunology, microbiology, pathogens transmission mechanisms, statistics and epidemic control measures driving public health decisions. 

"The multidisciplinary nature of infectious diseases has been constantly highlighted by the diverse modules offered as well as the participation of expert speakers ranging from lab scientists, statisticians, virologist, and social scientists.

"Despite having no previous background in biology, the teaching and course material quality facilitates catching up with the fundamentals of biology to take modules such as Molecular Epidemiology for Infectious Diseases.  Learning the key concepts in these intertwined fields has been a great asset to undertake challenging dissertations topics. 

"I specialised in statistical modelling and selected modules such as: Regression Modelling and Advanced Statistical Modelling.  We explored techniques such as linear and logistic regression and structural equation modelling applied to healthcare datasets to answer specific epidemiological questions using STATA.  The computer sessions were particularly useful to expand my programming skills.

"Working as a research assistant for the UCL Virus Watch Study on Covid-19, I constantly applied what I learned throughout my MSc and highly recommend it.”