Institute for Global Health


Lauren Greenberg

Lauren's thesis title is “Use and outcomes of modern combination antiretroviral therapy in HIV-positive persons."

Her primary supervisor is Professor Amanda Mocroft.

To get in touch with Lauren, please email her at l.greenberg@ucl.ac.uk.

About Lauren

I graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and its Applications from Cardiff University and as part of my degree, I worked as a statistician for Roche Products. I then went on to complete a MSc in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After my MSc, I worked at the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit at Queen Mary University of London, working on both randomised controlled trials and observational studies. I started at the UCL Institute for Global Health in 2018 and am working as a statistician on the International Cohort Consortium of Infectious Diseases (RESPOND) study. I am also completing a part time PhD using data from RESPOND.

Thesis summary

My project involves studying HIV treatment with antiretroviral drugs in real life settings across Europe and Australia. The RESPOND study enrolled more than 25,000 adults with HIV in 2018 and further persons will be enrolled in 2019.

The PhD will investigate different aspects of contemporary modern HIV treatment and outcomes. The large population included in RESPOND will enable us to explore areas where there is currently little available research, for example rarer outcomes of HIV or outcomes on rarer treatment regimens, as well as outcomes within specific subgroups. Current projects include investigating uptake and discontinuation of integrase inhibitors, and outcomes of two drug regimens.