Institute for Global Health


Cristina Garcia-Maurino Alcazar

Cristina's thesis title is "The neonatal gut microbiota and its association with respiratory disease in the first 5 years of life."

Her primary supervisor is Dr Nigel Field.

To get in touch with Cristina, please email her at cristina.alcazar.19@ucl.ac.uk

About Cristina

I completed my clinical training in Paediatrics at Hospital La Paz, Spain, in 2016. I then worked as a Research Fellow at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children´s Hospital (Columbus,Ohio), looking at severity markers in Respiratory Syncitial Virus infections, for a year and a half.

I obtained a fellowship from 'La Caixa ' to do an MSc in Epidemiology at LSHTM (2018-2019). I am now a first year PhD student at UCL's Institute for Global Health.  

Thesis summary

The aim of my thesis is to determine if there is an association between the neonatal gut microbiota composition and respiratory disease during the first 5 years of life. The research will be undertaken by following-up patients enrolled in the Baby Biome Study through electronic health-records data linkage.