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Ana Correa

Ana's thesis title is "Public health externalities of conditional cash transfers: a case study of Colombia's Familias en Acción."

Her primary supervisor is Dr Jolene Skordis.

To get in touch with Ana, please email her at ana.ossa.17@ucl.ac.uk.

About Ana

Ana is an economist with a keen interest in development, health, and migration. She graduated in Economics and Political Science from Richmond University (2010), then completed a masters in Economics at the University of Surrey (2014). She previously worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, as part of the Clinical Informatics Research Group, and was involved in projects such as public health surveillance for PHE, mental health programme evaluation for NHS England, and various European consortia on vaccine effectiveness.

Thesis summary

My research will look at the potential health externalities (effects on non-beneficiaries) from a conditional cash transfer (CCT) in Colombia. Potential areas of interest include how increased vaccination requirements from the CCT could have increased herd immunity; how improvements in sanitation by the beneficiary families could have limited the spread of some infectious diseases; and how health advice sharing between beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries could have led to a decrease in fertility and an improvement in children's nutritional status.