Institute for Global Health


Global Health Policy

The aim of this module is to introduce students to the global health policy environment and the actors who influence it. It involves analysis of the key stakeholders in policy formulation and their involvement in changing patterns of healthcare provision. The role of governments, NGOs, supranational institutions and corporations is examined in the context of complex global trends in health and health care. There is a focus on some key policy debates such as global trade and health, health worker migration and access to medicines, alongside introductions to health economics, health systems and health policy analysis. Like all of our modules, these issues are analysed through the lens of social science, emphasising how they are influenced by politics, economics, society and culture.

Tutors: Shivani Singh and Christopher Long

Course structure: The course is twenty weeks long and is taught through the first and second terms. Each week there is a ninety-minute lecture and discussion and a ninety-minute tutorial.

Assessment: 1 x group poster (50%), 1 x 30 minutes oral exam (50%).

Assessment for Affiliates who are here for Term 1 only: 2500 word essay (100%)


    • Who's who in global health: global governance
    • Who's who in global health: civil society
    • Who's who in global health: Public-Private Partnerships and philanthropic organisations
    • Health policy analysis
    • Health inequalities
    • Demographic and epidemiological transition
    • From research to policy
    • From policy to practice
    • Health Economics: supply and demand
    • Health Economics: markets and equity
    • Burden of disease - measurement
    • Gender and health
    • Health systems: themes and debates
    • Health systems: financing
    • Health systems: organisation and structure
    • Health worker migration
    • Non-market behaviour in health
    • Health and global security
    • Trade in health services
    • Access to medicines