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Quality Improvement and Innofusion: A North–South exchange of ideas

GCGH Theme: Getting Evidence into Policy

Lead: Dr Bejoy Nambiar (UCL Centre for International Health & Development)

Main Collaborator: Dr James Mountford, UCL Partners

Additional collaborators: Dr Amanda Begley, Director of Innovation & Diffusion, UCL Partners; Prof Donald Peebles (UCL Institute for Women's Health); Dr Henry Potts (UCL Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education); Prof Katherine Fenton, Director of Nursing, UCLH; Prof Anthony Costello (UCL Centre for International Health & Development); Tim Colbourn (UCL Centre for International Health & Development)

Project: The project will bring together the UCL Centre for International Health & Development and UCL Partners to explore ideas and innovations for improving quality in maternal and neonatal healthcare that can be used in developing country settings, and additionally learnings from developing settings which might inform practice in London/developed settings.

UCL Partners’ focus is on deploying changes to healthcare delivery and research to deliver measurable improvements in population health status and outcomes for individual patients, and on driving value in care delivery (maximizing useful outcomes per pound spent). UCLP also has work focused on innovation and its diffusion to scale at pace, and on measurement and improvement of quality at whole pathway level across a system. Women’s health is one of 11 clinical programmes within UCLP and has an active focus on improving maternity care.

Similarly, the UCL Centre for International Health & Development has experience working in quality improvement of health systems and communities in resource poor settings in Asia and Africa.

The project will explore some of the areas of convergence and divergence between settings and accordingly develop proposals for collaborative work through a north-south partnership. It will explore options for collaboration so that some of the learning, innovations for improving the quality of healthcare services in rural Asia/Africa.

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