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Inclusion Health: An international symposium on health for excluded groups including homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, travellers and sex workers

GCGH Theme: Social Determinants of Health/Health Equity

Lead: Dr Andrew Hayward (UCL Infection & Population Health)

Main collaborator: Phil Astley (UCL Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management)

Additional collaborators: Dr Nigel Hewett, Medical Director, and Alex Bax, CEO, London Pathway Charity

Project: An international symposium to provide a learning event for participants, raise the profile of homeless health, and identify gaps in our knowledge about homelessness and health. Hosted in the UK, the event will bring together people with an experience of homelessness with doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and researchers working with homeless people to develop improved approaches to integrated care for homeless people.

Key to understanding how to develop more patient-centred services is an understanding of the many different places where homeless people can or should access care. Practical experience and research findings from the USA and Europe will be presented to build understanding of the positive roles health services can play in the lives of homeless people, identifying and assessing the best emerging models of integrated care that we can find.

The symposium will make recommendations on how to improve specialist education and training for staff working with homeless people, to make sure they have the skills and expertise to properly care for our patients. It will explore models for service user involvement in, and leadership of, the design of healthcare solutions. It will bring together emerging knowledge of how physical environments can inhibit or enhance healing for the most disadvantaged.

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