Institute for Global Health


Violence and Migration Modelling Network

Complex systems simulations for intervention development: Human trafficking and conflict-related violence

Agent-Based Model simulating human migration patterns

Project Summary 

This project was selected for funding as part of the ESRC call for social science methods development across sectors and disciplines to address common methodological challenges.

We aim to develop interdisciplinary research methods at the intersection of complex systems, violence, public health interventions, and data visualisation. We will evaluate the use of dynamic complex systems modeling to develop interventions for hard-to-reach populations affected by human trafficking and conflict-related violence. 

Research Questions

What contributions can these novel methods make to the global response to human trafficking and conficlt-related violence? How can evidence-based, accessible and visually powerful complex systems models inform decision-makers working on interventions?

The VaMM Network

To address these questions, this project brings together a network of experts in complexity science, violence research, public health, and data visualisation: the Violence and Migration Modeling (VaMM) Network. This Network will jointly design a complex intervention case study that will serve as an evaluated 'proof of concept' for these methods.

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