Institute for Global Health



A person-centred Needs Informed model of Care for people living with HIV (NICHE), to improve wellbeing, mental health and reduce socio-economic disadvantages and stigma.

Project summary

NICHE aims to develop a new model of care for People Living With HIV, in which regular assessment of psychosocial need is incorporated into routine HIV care, to identify those eligible for a potentially low-cost intervention based on one-to-one health coaching with social prescribing. We adopt a broad definition of psychosocial needs, including mental and physical health and wellbeing; social support and integration; socioeconomic status (housing, financial and occupational) and stigma. Such an intervention could demonstrate improvement in health and wellbeing, reduce risk factors for chronic disease, and potentially be cost effective or cost neutral, particularly by reducing reliance on the NHS and specialist clinical HIV services. Due to the low utilization of primary care by people with HIV, and specifically by more marginalized groups, we have developed this as a secondary-care based intervention.

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