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A study about newly acquired HIV.

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Who can participate in the CASCADE study?

People 16 years and over with newly acquired HIV who are receiving care from one of our participating sites.

What is required?

Please speak to the clinic staff where you are receiving HIV care. Participating in the CASCADE study requires your informed consent to allow clinic staff to share some of your medical information with the researchers.

You will also have the opportunity to share your experiences through surveys, interviews, participatory workshops and photography. All information that is collected as part of the study is completely anonymous and confidential, and you can stop taking part at any time.

What do I have to do?

If you also consent to taking part in the survey, we will ask you to complete up to 3 questionnaires (online or on paper) over a 24-month period. These will help us better understand the experiences and needs of people who have recently-acquired and been diagnosed with HIV in Europe & Canada. The questionnaire will cover potentially sensitive areas such as your physical health, your mental health, your knowledge, attitudes and access to different methods of HIV prevention before being diagnosed with HIV, and sexual behaviour.

You can miss out any questions you don’t want to answer. Questionnaire are completely confidential and are not shared with your clinical team.

Interviews, participatory workshops and photography are taking place in 4 countries (France, Greece, Spain and UK) which also requires additional consent before participation.

For more information about participating, please see the below documents: