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EVE Project: Evidence for Violence prevention in the Extreme

The EVE Project is a research study to improve the evidence around preventing violence against women in the world’s highest prevalence settings.

Project Summary 

In the world’s highest prevalence settings, two out of every three women will experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner or stranger in their lifetime (WHO 2013). Research on violence prevention in these settings is limited. More and better evidence is needed on the interventions that work to prevent violence in high-prevalence settings.

To improve current evidence, the EVE Project takes a multidisciplinary perspective to explore the community, national and global factors that have contributed to higher rates of violence in some parts of the world. We are looking in detail at these processes through two case studies in the Peruvian Andes and Samoa. 

In Peru and Samoa, the Eve Project is working with local indigenous communities to design a new intervention for violence prevention. We are using a new approach to community-led violence prevention developed by our team in the Peruvian Amazon, on the GAP Project.

Through involving indigenous communities affected by violence in designing their own prevention interventions, we are ensuring interventions are relevant to women’s lives, building sustainable relationships with local communities, and developing research capacity in low-resource settings. This has the potential to transform the ways in which research to prevent violence against women is done in high prevalence settings.

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