Institute for Global Health


Action research

The UCL Institute for Global Health, based within the UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences, is the thriving research and teaching community at the heart of the UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health.  We work closely with the Office of the Vice Provost's Research Coordination Office.

Drawing on the expertise of hundreds of staff from across UCL's departments, we take a unique cross-disciplinary approach to global health in our research and teaching.

Health problems are influenced by the social environment as well as medical innovation. We seek solutions that address the social inequalities and determinants of health as well as the underlying medical problem. 

We collect evidence in the real world, evaluate interventions with communities and put our research into practice so we can provide practical solutions for policy-makers. Our ultimate aim is to achieve lasting impact on a large scale. Our staff bring a range of experience to help students grasp the realities of global health work, at community, national or international levels.

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